Driven To Succeed - Powering Your Way To Prosperity As An Insurance Agent

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James Brown is one of America's top insurance agents, leading one of the most successful insurance agency teams in the nation. A 1986 United States Naval Academy graduate and former US Navy submariner turned entrepreneur, he is a Lifetime Member of the State Farm President's Club, a five-time President's Trophy Winner, and the company's Number One agent for Auto and Fire in 2011. An accomplished public speaker, he says: "If you have a positive mindset, there's no reason why you cannot also emulate these achievements using the techniques I describe."

James Brown

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Chapter 1 - Three Powerful Lessons

Chapter 2 - Five Behaviors that Give You an Edge

Chapter 4 - Building your Gifted Team

Chapter 5 - Three Stages of Growth & Six Strength Strategies

Chapter 7 - Five Paths to Continuous Learning

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James is available to speak on various topics including:

  • Building a Gifted Team
  • The 3 stages of growth transitioning from a "Private Practice" to an "Extraordinary Business"
  • Marketing Strategies to grow your business
  • Strength Strategies to leverage your business growth
  • Tailor a presentation towards a specific need as desired.

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See what other top agents and professionals are saying about James and "Driven to Succeed"...

This book is a must read. Jamie has consistently led State Farm Insurance in both Auto and Fire insurance. He has done it with proven methods and has grown a great book of business by using the methods described in his book.

Scott Foster, Insurance Agent – Conyers, GA

Jamie has shared the practical tools and management philosophy that have helped him reach and sustain peak performance in a highly competitive business. This is the guidebook for any agent who is ready to lose the excuses and go for greatness.

Todd Jackson, Insurance Agent – Anchorage, AK

If you want to learn the ways of an ultra-successful insurance agent, James Brown wrote the book, literally. His well-oiled machine has brought him to the very top of his game. If you even take a fraction of the advice in this book, your business will be in a better place. Jamie's advice has changed the way I do business and increased the production and efficiency in my office.

Ken Phelps, Insurance Agent – Pasadena, TX

Do you have the desire and determination to build a highly successful insurance business? James Brown has given you the recipe for that success in this book. A Must Read!

Al Clark, Insurance Agent – Arlington, Texas

Jamie’s business practices apply to more than just insurance. I never miss an opportunity to talk business with him. I am intrigued with the machine he has built in such a competitive industry.

Todd Istre, Dental Practice and Restaurants Owner